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Carichcard Durandisse

Founder, President & CEO

Prior Job began during the COVID Pandemic by providing a better way of working, helping businesses diversified and connecting talents on a global scale with more opportunities.
Our mission is to create economic opportunities for communities around the World. As a result, we’ve created Prior Job marketplace to inter-connect every day businesses of all sizes with independent talents, “freelancers” to conduct daily business activities in a safe online work environment.
At Prior Job, we strive to have a big impact on the life of the communities we serve. As the founder of this company, over the years I have manage many teams and thus understood what makes this platform really work: trust.
Our record with independent talents truly speaks for itself. Prior Job maintain escrow accounts to assure all freelancers are compensated on time for services rendered.
All businesses on Prior Job’s platform are held to the highest standards. We maintain social scores for all employers and make sure they understand how their performance impact their current role on the platform. Such measure encourages top talents to seek employment from top companies.
These measures also improve the overall health of the platform for all users and help us to eliminate any under perform businesses or independent talents.
Thank you.

Carichcard Durandisse

Founder, President & CEO

Board and Management Team

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Carichcard Durandisse

Chief Executive Officer
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Uzzal Hossen

Chief Information Officer
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Kofi Udoom

Chief Financial Officer
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Dr. Shikha Thakur

Chief Editor
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David Manes

Chief Legal Counsel